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HHF-484 Nipsey and Nina Gnome – Nipsey and Nina are a cute gnome couple who hang out in the garden. They each are a chubby 8” tall gnome. They are made from coffee stained muslin, flannel and small print fabrics. They are weighted so they stand nicely upright. Directions also include the big daisy flower they stand under.
 HHF-484 $8.50
  HHF-483 Gnome for the Holidays – Make these delightful 10” gnomes out of flannel, fleece, felt and fur! Their noses and faces can be made from a piece of nylon stocking or beige colored sock. They are weighted so the can stand nicely upright.
 HHF-483 $8.50

HHF-482 Nickie the Santa Gnome – Nickie is an 8” Christmas gnome. He is made from coffee stained muslin and wears a red flannel fabric suit. His boots are made from black felt. He is weighted so he stands nicely upright.
 HHF-482 $8.50
  HHF-480 Winter in the Woods – Make the cutest couple ever – a moose and his best snowman friend - with this pattern! The moose’s body is made from plush felt – his antlers are made from muslin that has been painted and sanded and the snowman is made from off-white flannel fabric . The project measures 16” x 19”. Both are placed down into a tin container that is filled in with snowy pine picks. Instructions for the moose’s tree and the snowman’s wreath are included.
 HHF-480 $8.50

HHF-479 Christopher, the Merry Moose – Make this adorable primitive moose for the holidays! Christopher Moose is 22" tall and is made from honey colored plush felt. His antlers are made from muslin that has been painted burnt umber (the painting process makes them stiff). He is decorated with a red and black flannel hat. He wears a scarf that you can make from a long striped sock or from red quilted fabric. I attached a hang tag to his scarf that says " Merry Chris Moose". He carries a little pine tree decorated with red bells. He is placed inside a 5 quart pail you can find in the paint department at Home Depot.
 HHF-479 $8.50 
  HHF-478 Chilling Out with Chubby Charley – This is a pattern to make a delightful 22" tall snowman! He is one of the fastest snowmen you will ever make! There are only 4 body sections to sew together with the neck gathered at the top creating the snowman's head! He is tucked into a 5 quart pail you can easily find at Home Depot in the paint department. He is made from off-white flannel, has a black felt hat and green fleece scarf. An adorable, chubby, easy to make snowman for your craft shows! Directions are also given for faux rusting the tin pail.
 HHF-478 $8.50

HHF-477 Packed Snow Sack – Make 4 snowmen that are packed into a sack that you can hang up for holidays or leave up all winter long! The snowmen are made from Warm & Natural cotton batting. They have long bodies that fill the sack. The sack is made from denim fabric and has "Let It Snow" stenciled on the front with white acrylic paint. The completed project measures 20" tall (includes the jute hanger) and is 12" wide. Not up for making so many snowmen? Then pack one snowman into a sack – instructions are also included for that size sack!
 HHF-477 $8.50 
  HHF-476 Sitting Sack Santa - Make this old fashion Santa with a sack body. He is 28” long (only 17” tall in a sitting position). His body is weighted and made from coffee stained muslin, his hat and pant legs are made from red fabric and his sack body is made from upholstery fabric. His sack body is stenciled with black acrylic paint. He carries a small sack displaying a teddy bear and a nice big candy cane.
 HHF-476 $9.50

HHF-475 Jack & the Rat Pack – Make a delightful jack that is being decorated by the Rat Pack! This adorable grouping measures 21" tall. Jack is 12" tall himself - if you include his hat, then he is 18" tall. Jack and his hat are made from muslin that is painted and lightly sanded. The rat pack are made from muslin and are coffee stained. Jack's face is painted and he has a pocket mouth that is being patiently occupied while 2 of the pack are decorating Jack's hat. The jack is weighted and stuffed with polyfil. If you don't want to weight him you can glue him to a 6" grapevine wreath (which I used to better display him).
 HHF-475 $8.50
  HHF-474 Cat Nap with Jack – Make a kitty cat who is trying to take a nap on top of Jack and who is also trying to ignore all the little annoyances around him! This is an adorable grouping of kitty, jack and 3 mice that measures 21" tall. Jack and the kitty are made from muslin and are painted and lightly sanded. The mice are made from muslin and are coffee stained. Jack is not weighted, only stuffed with polyfil and is glued to a basswood base. You get directions for all you see in the photo, even the tiny teddy bear.
 HHF-474 $8.50

HHF-473 A Snowman to Hoot About – Make this hoot owl sitting on top of a snowman! It is an adorable grouping of an owl, snowman and mouse that measures 24" tall. The snowman and his hat are made from muslin that is painted and lightly sanded. The owl and the mouse are made from muslin and are coffee stained. There is a dowel inside the snowman's hat to hold the owl nicely upright. The project is only stuffed with polyfil so it is displayed and glued onto a 6" grapevine wreath base.
 HHF-473 $9.50
  HHF-471 Merry Olde Gentlemen - Make a vintage looking 18" Santa. Santa's head is made from osnaburg fabric, his body is made from upholstery fabric and his hat is made from any soft fabric (like wool) to complete his old-world look. He is weighted and is secured to a wood base. Santa has an armful of Christmas goodies: make him a raggedy doll, a teddy bear, a snowman or a gingerbread man. He also carries a star ornament and red berries.
 HHF-471 $8.50

 HHF-472 A Pumpkin to Hoot About - Make this pumpkin, owl and little mouse - they are grouped together to make an adorable holiday display. The finished project is 24" tall. They are all made from muslin fabric that has been painted and lightly sanded (pumpkin, owl) or coffee stained (mouse). The pumpkin is stuffed with polyfil but not weighted, so he is glued to a basswood base that is decorated with sheet moss. The little "hoot" and "whoos there" signs are hand stitched on coffee stained muslin.
 HHF-472 $9.50
  HHF-470 Santa Sacks - Make both of these Santa sacks that display a wonderful old world, folk art Santas! One Santa is in a chimney-type sack that you would display sitting on a table and the other Santa is tucked inside a hanging sack. Both Santa sacks are 18" tall. The Santas are made from osnaburg fabric and burgundy flannel fabric. I like to use upholstery fabric for the sacks as it is sturdy and has alot of body to it. The chimney fabric is a cotton fabric and is ironed onto the upholstery fabric with fusible webbing. I give you resources for purchasing the chimney fabric. The hanging Santa sack has stenciling on the front done with black acrylic paint (and that stencil resource is also given). The Santas hold teddies and raggedy dolls and of course you will also get the patterns for them!
 HHF-470 $8.50

HHF-467 Brewster Rooster - This is a pattern to make Brewster the Rooster. Brewster is an adorable, early morning riser with his coffee in hand! Brewster Rooster is a standing 22" rooster. He is made from muslin that has been basically coffee stained with parts of his body painted (beak, comb, wattle, legs and tail). Yes Brewster has a colorful tail sticking out the back of his pants - what rooster is complete without his tail feathers? His head is nice and round and he has black button eyes. If you would like Brewster nice and prim you can wipe his body with burnt umber paint. Wood dowels are inserted into his legs (and body) so he stands nicely upright on a wood base. He is decorated with a coffee sack and the color label is included with this pattern. He also carries his morning coffee that you will also get directions to make.
 HHF-467 $9.50
  HHF-466 Blue Bird Buddies - This is a pattern to make BOTH of these Blue Birds who happen to be true blue buddies! The girl blue bird has a weighted body and sits. The boy blue bird stands on a wood base and has wood dowels inside his legs (and body) for upright support. They are both 15" tall and have nice round heads. They are made from muslin that is coffee stained and painted. "Papa" blue bird carries his "nest construction supplies" and "Mama" blue bird is happily awaiting the arrival of a little blue bird baby. The photo shows both blue birds with a little Radio Flyer wagon that is only 10" x 20" and is filled with flowers.
 HHF-466 $9.50

HHF-465 Chelsea Chicken – Chelsea Chicken is an adorable barnyard babe. She is 22" tall and is made from muslin that has been basically coffee stained with parts of her body painted (beak, comb, wattle and legs). Her body is weighted so she can sit nicely upright. She has a nice round head with black button eyes. If you like her nice and prim you can distress her body by wiping it with burnt umber paint. Decorate her with a little chick, eggs or watermelon - the choice is yours as you get directions to make everything you see in the photos!
 HHF-465 $9.50
  HHF-464 Old Jean Jacks -This is a pattern to make these 5 Jean Jacks! They are made out of old denim jeans (or you can always purchase new denim - any color denim - and distress it) and when they are viewed straight on, they are 6" high and 9" across - if you consider the mice on top with their decor, they would be 12" tall. If you don't have any old jeans go ahead and purchase new denim because I will teach you how to distress it and make it look old and worn! The jacks are decorated with rusty bells and stars and are patted down with cinnamon. A little white mouse (also made from denim) sits on top of each pumpkin and as you see, sometimes he's up there with a friend.
 HHF-464 $9.50

HHF-463 Prim Bunny and Her Spring Basket Pants –This is a pattern to make a prim girl bunny that is wearing very wide, pink plaid wool pants and she is using her wide pants as a basket to hold her spring goodies! This bunny is made from honey color plush felt and is 21" tall. She stands on a wood base and has wood dowels in her legs for support. She is nicely distressed with burnt umber paint and is really quite easy to sew and put together. Her basket pants are filled with moss, a purchased bird nest with eggs , pink pip berry stems and silk flowers.
 HHF-463 $8.50
  HHF-462 Folk Art Rabbits – This is a pattern to make folk art girl and boy bunny rabbits. They are made from osnaburg fabric that has been coffee stained. They are 15" tall (including their ears) and have weighted "boxed" bottoms so they stand nicely by themselves. They are dressed and decorated with homespun and light upholstery fabrics, laces and purchased little items.
 HHF-462 $8.50

HHF-460 Prim Angels Faith Hope Love – This is a pattern to make these lovely 19" angel dolls. They are made from muslin and they can be coffee stained or painted. Their simple dresses are made from striped ticking fabric. Each dress is messaged with a word of faith, hope or love. They carry a candle, heart or dove to further enhance their message.
 HHF-460 $8.50
  HHF-461 Jenna and Jack Rabbit – This pattern gives you the directions to make both bunny rabbits, Jenna and Jack Rabbit. They are 30” long (including their bent ears) and are made from tan flannel fabric you can purchase at JoAnn’s Fabrics or on eBay. The bunny nose is dimensional and is stitched on. Their faces are painted and stitched. This pattern also includes directions to make all the clothes, the big carrot and the big flower and seed packets. You also get the carrot and flower seed labels to put on the seed packets. These bunny rabbits will sit as well as hang up.
 HHF-461 $9.50

HHF-459 Spring Line-Up – Oh my, look at all the bunnies lining up for a spring appearance! Make all these stump bunnies from one basic pattern. The basic pattern has one body piece and one head piece making them so very easy to sew up! They are 8” tall (not counting their 2” ears). They are made from muslin and cotton print fabrics and have weighted legs so they can all stand up by themselves.
 HHF-459 $9.50
  HHF-458 Santa Folk – Make many "themed" Santas from one basic pattern. I have made a woodland Santa, a traditional Santa in red fabrics and a vintage Santa. Santa himself is made from osnaburg fabric. He is weighted and is 24" tall. He has a pinch stitched nose, stitched eyes and eyebrows and a natural wool beard. His outfit can be made from wool, fleece, twill or upholstery fabrics. Santa carries a sack full of goodies that are all purchased little items or ornaments. The type and color fabric for Santa's outfit as well as the items in his sack will create your "themed" Santa. For example, woodland Santa has plaid wool pants and a tan wool jacket. He has things in his sack you would find outside, like a snowman, bunny, birdhouse and little cotton birds.
 HHF-458 $9.50

HHF-457 That Old Silk Hat Snowman - Who doesn't love, know and sing the song "Frosty the Snowman"? There was a little magic in that old silk hat that brought Frosty to life! Here is my Frosty snowman in an old "silk" hat that will bring holiday life into your home! Now maybe this hat isn't really silk, but this hat is made from glittered black felt I purchased from JoAnn's Fabrics - it shines and sparkles just like a silk hat would! My snowman is made from Warm and Natural cotton batting and has real stick arms. He is weighted and stands 23" tall. His little sack is filled with pine stems and a big chenille candy cane. I have included step by step directions and diagrams to make sewing this snowman super easy!
 HHF-457 $8.50
  HHF-456 Snow Sweet Gathering – This "snow" sweet snowman has gathered together with 3 little mice friends to celebrate winter "sweetly" with lots of candy canes. He is made from off-white plush felt and is 26" tall. His hat is made from black burlap. The little mice are made from gray felt. He is placed into a grapevine wreath. The grapevine wreath would look adorable wrapped with red and white candy stripe ribbon!
 HHF-456 $8.50

HHF-455 Onboard for Winter – There are 2 sewing projects for you to make: the row of prim snowmen on the board or you can make separate 5" round snowmen to hang up! These snowmen can be made from off-white denim, warm and natural cotton batting or muslin. "Snowmen Onboard for Winter" features 4 prim snowmen heads with wool bowties displayed on weathered fence board 28" long. Have fun making separate snowmen! Add half a sock to the snowman's head and he's got a hat! Add a bird, mouse or snowflake to the snowman and he's so darn cute you won't be able to resist making and hanging a bunch of them up in your home! Directions are included for everything you see in the photos. The second photo shows the snowmen made from batting (separate snowmen) and muslin (snowman on the board).
 HHF-455 $9.50
  HHF-454 All About the Birds Snowman - This pattern is for a snowman who loves hanging out with the birds. His adorable "birdhouse" hat is even home to one of his feathered friends. He is made from coffee stained muslin and is 24" tall. The cardinals are made from muslin and are painted red. He is placed inside a tin pail decorated with pine stems, berries, burlap and plaid flannel fabrics.
 HHF-454 $8.50

HHF-453 Got Candy? PumpCans – This is a pattern to make this delightful set of 3 "pumpcans" that have had just a little too much candy! They are Simply Prim Jack, Jack Stack and Candy Corn Nose Jack. They are 12" tall (not including their stems) and are made from muslin that has been painted. They are showcased on top of faux rusted cans. You get complete step by step painting directions and patterns for the jack faces, directions how to faux rust, directions for the little candy corns - directions and patterns for everything you see including the “got candy?” labels!
 HHF-453 $8.50
  HHF-452 Snow Belle of the Winter Ball – Make these prim little snow girls that are all dressed up for the winter ball. They are 12" tall (14" if you include their crowns). They are made from muslin that is painted and sanded but if you didn't want to paint them, you could very easily coffee stain them. Their dresses have lots of silver jingle bells attached to the scallop trim at the bottom. They also have jingle bells attached to their crowns and when you pick them up you hear the soft sound of bells. Their crowns are made from glitter adhesive foam and are very easy to make.
 HHF-452 $8.50

HHF-451 Standing Snow Sweet Girl & Boy –This is a pattern to make this sweet snow girl and snow boy. They are 15" tall which includes the snow girl's bow and the snow boy's top hat. They are made from muslin that is painted and sanded but if you didn't want to paint them, you could easily coffee stain this snow couple. They have wood dowels inside their legs that allows them to stand nicely on their own on wood bases.
 HHF-451 $8.50
  HHF-439 Chalkboard Bears - Here is a new and completely unique Teddy Bear that can say it all! The teddy bear's belly is a painted fabric, chalkboard belly that can be written on over and over again like a real chalkboard. Write a personal message to a friend or someone you love. The teddy bear can be sewn in a sitting position (11" tall) or he can be made into a standing bear (16" tall). The rest of his body is made from plush felt. He carries extra chalk in a hang tag pinned to him and holds a usable eraser to wipe away old messages. You will love this teddy bear because he is so easy to make! You get all the directions, patterns and lots of information. You also get the directions and patterns to make either the sitting or standing teddy bear into a Santa bear with his long Santa Hat!
 HHF-439 $9.50

HHF-440 Standing Mama Bear & Her Little Cubs – Here is a pattern that will show you how to create (sew) unique teddy bears that can say it all! All the teddy bears have painted chalkboard bellies that can be written on over and over again. The rest of their bodies are made from plush felt. Mama bear is 30” tall and has wood dowels in her legs that support her upright on a wood base. The cubs are 10” tall and 14” tall. I have also given you another idea to make the 30” bear into a welcoming country bear!
 HHF-440 $9.50
  HHF-445 Gingerbread for all Seasons – Have fun making these primitive gingerbread dolls! Baked gingerbread is great for any season! These gingerbread dolls are made from muslin and are painted with a wonderful smelling, scented paint. All the decorations are made with a spice scented clay. In this pattern you will get directions and recipes for everything you see. The spice girls and boys are 12” tall and are attached to wood bases. They can be inserted into vintage tart tins to make them really special.
 HHF-445 $9.50

HHF-446 The Papered Rag Doll – This is a new and unique doll pattern combining the art of sewing with the art of decoupage. This rag doll is 10” tall and is made from muslin. Strips of Raggedy Ann story pages are glued onto her muslin body and lightly painted. Story book pages are included with the pattern.
 HHF-446 $8.50
  HHF-450 Standing Pumpkin Patootie Pals – Here is a cute set of plump little pumpkins - a girl and boy for you to make together as they are the best of pals! They are made from muslin that is painted and sanded. They stand 12” tall (15” including their stems) and have wood dowels inside their legs so they can stand nicely upright on a wood base. Simple and sweet! 
 HHF-450 $8.50

HHF-449 Pumpkin Patooties – Make these adorable pumpkin girls called pumpkin patooties because they are such plump little cuties! They are 12”tall (15” if you include the stems) and are made from muslin that is painted and sanded. The pumpkin girls and their clothes are very easy to sew and will make up in no time at all!
 HHF-449 $8.50
  HHF-448 Corny Pumpkin Man – Corny Pumpkin Man is the perfect fall gentleman as he welcomes some visiting black crows. He is 24” tall (including his stem and the crow on top of his head). His big pumpkin head is made from muslin that has been painted and sanded and he has a real dried pumpkin stem to finish him. His “corny” body is made from fabric with a corn kernel or Indian corn print. He is weighted and attached to a wood base.
 HHF-448 $9.50

HHF-447 Corny Scarecrow – Corny Scarecrow is a delightful fall assemblage with black crows perched all around him. He is 22” tall by himself or 24” tall when placed in the pail that is filled with corn husks. His head is made from coffee stained muslin and his “corny” body is made from paint-stained, waffle weave muslin fabric. He placed into a tin pail that is filled with real dried corn husks you can easily dry yourself. The pail is decorated with burlap, a fabric tie and fall silk leaves.
 HHF-447 $9.50
  HHF-444 A Snowman to Crow About – You can’t help but smile when you look at this big snowman head with his birdhouse hat! The snowman’s head with his twisty nose and the crows are made form a good quality muslin. The snowman is coffee stained – his nose and the crows are painted. The birdhouse hat is made from tan/black fabric and black felt. He is weighted, sprayed with artificial snow and set into a pine wreath.
 HHF-444 $8.50

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